Essential Oils and Wholesale Memberships

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  • Starting Your Membership

    There are two ways to get a Wholesale Customer membership. This is the smarted and best way to purchase dōTERRA essential oils as you get 25% off the retail price anytime you order.


    With a Wholesale Customer membership, you get to enjoy a number of perks, including the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) where you can get up to 55% off the retail price.


    If you are looking at getting Free Natural Healthcare by getting your oils and household items paid for each month, choose the Wellness Advocate route!


    Get the best discount when you choose to get started with an

    Enrollment Kit!

  • Let's Get Started

    Check out the options below and start buying dōTERRA oils at wholesale prices!

    Wholesale Customer Membership

    Join in as little as $35 in your dōTERRA membership and get wholesale pricing for all your oils and household products at 25% off! You will get plugged into our Exclusive Community resources and benefits! Upgrade to an Enrollment Kit to get oils right away!

    Enrollment Kits

    Choose one our Enrollment Kits to get the biggest savings. Not only do you get a dōTERRA Wholesale Membership, but you also get some oils & products to start using right away, plus, waive the $35 fee! Upgrade to a Wellness Advocate to get your oils Free.

    Wellness Advocate

    Start earning a little income and get your oils and household products for FREE when you choose this option! You get started the same way! Choose a Wholesale Customer Membership for $35 or get the biggest discount through choosing an Enrollment Kit.

  • Still Need A Little More Info?

    Check out these videos to learn a little bit more about essential oils!


    Watch this 25-min Introductory Video on Essential Oils

    When you finish watching this video, you will learn the 3 Cool Things about Essential Oils, How to Use Them and How to Get Them into your home!


    Watch this 30-min Video on How To Get Your Oils Paid For

    When you finish watching this video, you will want to choose the Wellness Advocate button below to get started!

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